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Bedroom Furniture Ranges & Bedroom Suites / Bedroom Chairs.

Looking for a particular range / style? We have an excellent showroom and access to some of europes leading furniture manufaturers. So if you are looking for:


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Here is a selection taken from our bedroom furniture ranges. Click the titles to go straight to that range.

The Kent Collection

The Kent range offers versatile wardrobes for every room in your home. The wardrobes are practical, compact and multi-functional.The wood colours harmoniously blend in with your home environment.The Kent wardrobe interior consists of 1 shelf and 1 hanging rail in each compartment, The Kent Collection is available 6 different sizes,The Kent Colection can offer you a variety of Bedsteads, Chest of draws and Bedside tables.

The Imperial Collection

The Imperial collection offer you a matching bedstead frame and a variety of chest of draws and bedside cabinets. The Imperial low wardrobe interior consists of 1 shelf and 1 hanging rail in each compartment.

The Italian Barocco Range

The Barocco Range offers you a truly exclusive bedroom collection in beautiful Cream Polished effect complete with Gold Trimmings. The Barocco wardrobe is also available as a 6 door wardrobe. The Barocco Collection can offer you a matching bedstead frame and a variety of chest of draws. The Barocco interior consists of 1 shelf and 1 hanging rail in each compartment.

Help Choosing your bedroom furniture

For most of us, the bedroom is a place of retreat, of rest and relaxation at the end of each day. Choosing bedroom furniture therefore becomes important because the way you decorate and furnish your bedroom will determine if it’s inviting and relaxing enough for you. Before you choose any kind of bedroom furniture, take the following into account:

Size :  It’s not often that a bed will not enter through the bedroom door, but too often, you find beds and wardrobes and chests of drawers that look either too small or too big for the room. Size gives the furnishings in your bedroom perspective, so buy items that will look good in the space that you’re working with. You can take the room measurements and then talk to an expert when you buy if you want to be really sure.


Colour : When you are single and you use your bedroom alone, you can decide to go with your favorite color as the dominant one for your bedroom. But if you are married or have a partner, it is not fair to impose colors that you love on them. Remember they need to rest and relax there as much as you do, and the color of a room can have an effect on the quality or rest one gets. Talk about the furniture and colors together and come up with something mutually agreeable.


Matching pieces :  Most of us, when we are starting out will throw together for bedroom furniture what we can get mum to part with as well as what’s in the local jumble sales because we don’t have enough money. As soon as you’re bringing in enough to do your bedroom properly, matching bedroom pieces is the way to go. They are easier to achieve a great look with, and there are numerous selections that you can choose from. There will be the personal touches that you keep with you, but major furniture items should match.


Durability : There are lots of beautiful looking bedroom furniture items in the market, but not all of them are built to last. Remember that your mum was initially able to give you those hand-me-downs because she went for items that lasted. Look for materials that last. Hard woods are a good way to go. There are also certain synthetic materials that last, so shop around for these. You may wonder how to tell if an item will last. The material it’s made of and the way the joints are done will tell you. If you’re not very sure, get someone who knows furniture and woodwork to go along with you.


Take your time shopping : Never buy your bedroom furniture in a hurry; there are great chances that you will buy the first thing that you come across. Make time so that you can look around and see what’s available. This also allows you to compare prices.


Do beddings shopping as well : You will achieve a more coordinated look in your bedroom if you buy the beddings and other fabric items the same day you buy the rest of the furniture. You will be able to see at the store what the entire combo looks like. Choose several sets of bed sheets, bedspreads, throws, towels for your master bedroom, pillows and pillowcases and cushions.


Price : You want to buy bedroom furniture pieces that will last, but look for reasonable prices because they are there. This means that you must use your judgment: just because something is expensive does not mean that it is the best, and cheap can be an indicator of poor quality. Don’t let the price of something be the sole reason you buy it.


As mentioned earlier, if you share a bedroom, involve your partner or spouse in all these decisions. This way, you will come up with a bedroom that’s perfect for both of you.

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